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What is DogBrigade?

DogBrigade is a small brand with the task to create stylish, comfortable dog supply that looks different!

Geraldine Graf established DogBrigade after graduating in Fashion Design. She started her study in Bogotá Colombia, made a summer semester at Central Saint Martins in London and finished her study in Cologne, Germany where the studio of her company is located.

The market for pet-related products is overstocked with low-cost articles. Most products are contaminated with pesticides, the filling for dog beds are the cheapest you could possibly get, the seams are careless and the entire processing is sloppy – and they are very overpriced for the quality you get!

As a dog owner herself, Geraldine wanted to manufacture favourite products for demanding dogs and owners.

We produce products that look great, are comfortable and have a high funcionality.

What does DogBrigade stand for?

DogBrigade stands for exclusive dog fashion and dog supply. Every product is made in Germany , by hand and with love. Functionality, comfort, safety and high-quality are the criteria we set us.

Before using a certain material we first put them to the acid test in our studio. In the end we let the products be tested by the very customer group that we actually produce for – dogs. If they feel happy and comfortable, we see that they can move freely and they like what they wear or what they nap on, then we know this is the right product for the shop.

No matter how little money and how few possessions you own, having a dog makes you rich.” -Louis Sabin